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Mud Dog

If it doesn't say MUD DOG, it's not a Haggard ID Wiper!

Operators world-wide have saved rig time, drilling mud, improved rig efficiency and safety with the Haggard MUD
- the only patented ID wiper tool.

The MUD DOG wiper will do your dirty work for you while tripping drill pipe, keeping the mud in the well bore instead of the rig floor and racking area. (Messy stuff to work in!)

Time spent cleaning the rig floor and racking area equals BIG BUCKS. Let the MUD DOG wiper do it for you.

Mud saved with the MUD DOG wiper is estimated to be 1 barrel per 1000' of pipe pulled from the well bore. Thixotropic properties of the mud and pipe size govern the amount of mud being saved by the MUD DOG wiper. Keeping the stuff in the well bore cuts clean-up cost.

Not to worry should a kick require pumping the MUD DOG wiper down the hole to control the well; the float chamber will not collapse due to a safety shear plug equalizing the pressure of the pump and hydrostatic.

Let the MUD DOG wiper maintain a clean, dry work area for the rig crew and enhance your safety program.

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